Walking Robot

Project Description:

In a team we worked together to build and optimize a walking robot for search and rescue operations in confined spaces.  The robot will be powered by a single motor, and the legs of each robot will consist of four identical four bar linkages (front right and back left in phase/front left and back right in phase).  The robot consisted of a robot body and 4 four bar linkages that will be attached to the side of the robot.  The robot was designed to preform on 3 different obstacle courses: rocks, stairs, and hurdles.


Body: The housed the motor, battery pack and gears.  The sides of the body extended down below the rest of the body in the back, this gave our robot stability to stay tall while moving.  This was an important factor in the rocks obstacle, for it stopped our robot from getting stuck between uneven rocks.

Legs: We optimized for a tall ovular gait from our four-bar linkage legs, so to maneuver the hurdles obstacle.  Using linkage simulators and iterative testing we  determined the coupler curve and linkage lengths needed to complete the task.

Final Report: Project 3 Final Report


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