Automatic Weightlifting Spotter

Project Description

My team designed and prototyped a automatic spotting device for weightlifting. Our design is a system that attaches to standard squat cages in a gym. The system enhances user safety while weightlifting by providing an automatic spotting mechanism as well as a fall-prevention system for the barbell. For reference, spotting in weight training is defined as the act of supporting another person during a particular exercise.
Using multiple forms of market research we identified the important stakeholder needs that we then designed our product to meet. Our system places an emphasis on allowing the user to push themselves and lift more weights than they could normally do safely. The main goal of this design is to provide lifters with a means to attempt heavy lifts without the need for a human spotter, fear of injury due to failure, and interference on the user’s natural lifting form, which are all vital stakeholder needs.


Final Design

Rail and Carriage System
Inertia-lockeing Retractor Mechanism


“Most Innovative” design at the Carnegie Mellon University Mechanical Engineering Fall 2018 Exposition

Final Report (complete project documentation)

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