What’s Your Cup of Tea?

Project Description

Everyone has their own unique morning routine and in this project we focus in on the drink aspect of the morning routine.  The project task was to design and build that illusive accessory that would make your morning drink routine even better.

My Routine and Insperation

I drink both tea and coffee, iced and and hot without much pattern so going into ideation I wasn’t sure what kind of morning routine I would created a accessory for.  So I began to think about all my routines for each drink and what I could make for thoes.  When reviewing all my ideas I found the one common thread I was that I often spill it at some point.  (see my moodboard linked to below for images depicting my thought process)

Project1 Moodboard


My strongest inital ideas were a tea bag holder and a spill gaurd/lid.

The tea bag holder solved the problem of having the string for teabags fall into the hot water, and needing a place to place the tea bag once it has seeped.

The lid idea I eventually went with began with a spill gaurd, which I soon realized would impead alot of the normal motion that goes with drinking.  The lid insted will just sit on top of my favorite mug and prevent splashing and spilling when I am rushing around in the morning.

Design Development

I origanally thought of a lid design that needed to be heat formed into a few cyliders, but quickly moved onto a design that was built out of stacked layers of acrylic to avoid having to bend the acrylic.  The right image shows how I originally planned to lay out the layers for the lid (for the final design I only removed the topmost top ring because it was unessecary and bulky).

Prototype 1 & 2:

My first prototype was a cardboard mock-up for proof of concept.  Then my first arylic design helped me get a better idea for sizing and assembly consierations.  I also atempted to incorperate a rotation pin in the center with rotation limits so that the rotating plate could only move to the drinking opening and to closed and not rotate all the way around.  This was eventually a feature I had to remove because it actually allowed too much motion of the rotating member.

Prtotype 3:

In this prototype I varied the size of the holes of the grated drinking spout.  I needed to have larger holes and larger spaces beteen the holes so that the laser cutter could cut it out well and not melt the area.  I also found that superglue was the best adhesive for my design, but using it sparinly was very important.

Final Product

A few features I added to my last fabrication were: indented top ring for ease of drinking, a linear design on the rotating plate, movement of grated opening from the main (stationary) plate to the the rotating plate, and added rotation handle to assist with the movement by the user.

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