Final Fun! – Geometric Clocks

Project Overview

This being the final project for DIY Design (24-672) we were asked to design and fabricate any product of our choice. The product was to be something that makes myself or someone else happy to own and use. The item/product has to be a practical one, some kind of personal device, tool, or lifestyle accessory.

I chose to create a clock. Not just a standard run of the mill white face, black numbers kind of clock you see in every classroom or office, but a carefuly designed, hand crafted, and colorful clock.  These clocks are meant for livening up a room and adding more fun to the constant task of checking the time.


Geometric Clocks flyer



I drew on insperation from parametric design and Voronoi diagrams for the patterns of these clock faces.  I wanted my designs to be clean and brigthly colored with crisp lines.


customer mood board

Product Mood bord


My original final project idea was a “Lixie clock” which is a clock that is based on an old style nixie tube clock but made out of LEDs and laser cut acrylic, but I had run into the issue of components arriving too late to complete this.  Unfortunatly I had to piviot, but did not wat too full lose my original idea and stuck with a clock. I switched to a more traditional clock and made it more interesting and asthetic than a traditional ones.


Fabrication Process

I designed these patterns in the sketch feature in solidworks using the line and spline tools.

Using the dxf files from the solidworks models I laser cut the pieces out of 1/8th inch wood.

Then I connected my clock faces to off the shelf battery powered clock mechanisms and added the hands.



Final Product

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